Solar Eclipse

There have been many discussions about the Solar Eclipse tomorrow.  We are following guidance from the district related to this event.

The risk of eye damage is just so great.  We spoke directly with Dr. Aker’s office representative and she has said that even with solar eclipse glasses, especially if purchased recently, there are real concerns for eye safety.  Amazon actually recalled some of the glasses sold on their website over this past week.

Therefore, we will err on the side of caution and stay inside on Monday. There are several ways remotely to experience the eclipse while remaining indoors.   We will make all efforts to provide this wonderful experience to our students but only if we can maintain safety at the same time.

We are still considering options regarding car loop as this is right in the middle of the eclipse window.    Staff and student safety is the most important thing, so we are working on ways to make sure we can dismiss students as efficiently, but as safely, as possible.   Please follow all directions as given when you are in our dismissal loop tomorrow.  It may add time to the process but we would appreciate your patience on this historic day.

If you select to have your child stay home with you,  the absence will be excused for the day.  If you would also like to do early check out we ask that it happen prior to 2:15  so that the car loop is not delayed any additional time.  There is no penalty for early check out either.
As we are a “STEAM”  school it is a bit disappointing to us that we can not make this a big event at our school,  however we just cannot put our students in harms way.

Thanks for your understanding!

The district guidance on tomorrow for all charter schools was as follows:

1.)  We are suspending all outdoor activities during the window of the eclipse

2.)  Some outdoor activities will be allowed ONLY with parent approval

3.)  If parents take students out of the school for part/all of the day, it will not harm perfect attendance or be counted as one of the 9 days of absences, etc

4.)  BPS is broadly communicating the warnings using all possible venues (you may wish to do the same for your students)