Car Line Changes

Hello Parents:
This post is to inform you that our car line will now be formed straight down Palm Avenue starting as usual right in front of the school.  Please avoid parking anywhere that there is a driveway.  Yesterday, many of our parents were approached by Code Enforcement and by the Titusville Police Department regarding parking in the Bike Lane.  Please know that we did not receive any information alerting Legacy that there was a problem with our dismissal line. In fact, the Titusville Police Department actually helped us to develop our dismissal line up plan.  Also, prior to yesterday, the City Code Enforcement Division had made no indication to us that there were any issues with our parent line.
We have been using this dismissal line plan since the first day of school and would have never intentionally done anything to violate a policy. The officials that showed up yesterday were merely doing their jobs and actually helped us to re-route our traffic plan.
We are very sorry for any inconvenience or concern caused to our families today and believe that today’s change will go smoothly.