School Improvement Plan  for 2019-20

Vision and mission

The educational philosophy of Legacy Academy Charter is based upon the maximum connection and continuity between school, home and community to prepare students with strong academic and higher order thinking skills. Continuity between home and school is facilitated through parent volunteering, communication and home visits. The connection with the community will be facilitated through collaboration with local, state and federal agencies, community resources, organizations, businesses and institutions, such as colleges, universities, and other educational entities.

Students at Legacy Academy will understand the objectives, understand the mission of the school, and work within an effective classroom “system” that subscribes to a common set of expectations as part of the larger whole school system.

The School Leaders believe that:

  •    Learning requires the active participation of the student

  •    People learn in a variety of ways and at different rates

  •    Learning is both an individual and a group process.

The School Leaders believe that an effective school must display the following characteristics:

Leadership: The board of directors establiches policy and procedures for all activity at the school. The principal must set the example and tone for instructional excellence while mantaining a safe, orderly, and enriched child centered environment.  The teachers become leaders in the classroom by moving forward with the expectations set by the principal and board. The students will be provided opportunity to hone leadership skills as well.

High expectations of student achievement: The school staff believes and expects all students to attain mastery of curriculum.

Pervasive and broadly understood instructional focus: The instructional staff devotes sufficient time to the key skills of reading, writing and mathematics. The school climate will be condusive to teaching and learning. Interuptions to the learning process will be minimized.

Measures of student achievement as an indicator of program success: Measurement is the key to school improvement. This involves frequent meaningful assessment where data is used to improve individual performance and the school instructional program.

The STEAM focused educational programs of Legacy Academy Charter will use a comprehensive and evidence-based model of teaching and learning that addresses the social, personal, and academic goals of students. The program is characterized by a strong curriculum plan, rich learning experiences and technology enhanced teaching and learning opportunities.

Legacy Academy Charter will be dedicated to providing a quality education that develops content knowledge, skills and attitudes that enable all students to reach their maximum potential. The School will prepare students to become life-long learners and develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills that will equip them to learn and to contribute to the 21st century economy.

Academic Achievement Performance Report for 2018-2019
Continuity of Education Plan for Legacy Academy March 2020