Legacy Academy Charter will use technology as a tool for learning in the following manner:

  •    Core and supplementary technology-based interventions in core subject areas

  •    Applications for remediation, acceleration, and enrichment

  •    Online access to textbooks, instructional materials, and library research databases

  •    Organization of learning resources: Lessons Plans, Pacing Guides, and Instructional Focus Calendars

  •    School-wide  and community communication

Teachers and students will have technology integrated in the classroom through various means such as:

  •   Laptop Computers

  •   iPads/Interactive Tablets

  •   Audio Stations

  •   Desktop Computers

  •   Bring Your Own Device Contracts

  •   Learner Response Devices

  •   Headphones/Microphones

  •   Document Camera

  •   Smart Boards

  •   Instructional Software/Engineering software

  •   Music technology accessories

  •   Electronic infrastructure (servers)

Legacy leaders, students, parents, and community members will develop a specific technology plan, utilizing varied funding sources,  to equip and enhance our classrooms and to provide the use of technology school wide.