Frequently Asked Questions

1. Limiting screen time and adding daily reading time is always beneficial.
2. If your child in transferring from a different school, find a way for him our her to remain in contact with friends. This will ease the transition.
3. Adjust your sleep schedules to prepare for the school day schedule
4. Review our website with your child and discuss this new opportunity. Let him or her know that they will be part of a brand new school community.

Polo shirts with our logo. They can be purchased at  http://www.onyxxexpresstees.com

Uniform style shorts, pants or skirts in black or khaki beige. These can be  purchased on your own.

Individual grade levels will publish a supply list. You can view these here

We will also ask for additional supplies for a shared supply closet. (optional)

Before hours will be 6:30-8:30 and after hours will be 3:30-6:30

You can learn more about our before and after school program here.

A late charge will be added for any time after 6:30.

First step is to decide how you would like to volunteer . The district has two levels. One level allows access to the school but the full volunteer status with fingerprinting and a complete background check allows you to work directly with students . Either status must be cleared through district security . No one will be allowed on our campus without an ID or office supplied name label.

Yes, field trips will be an integral part of our learning experience . We anticipate that it may take us a few months to establish a timeline for our field trips but parents will be informed of trips well in advance and will be given the opportunity to attend if possible .

We do not have a specific answer to that question at this point . We know that other charter schools have added a grade each year. Parents will be involved in the process of helping that to happen at Legacy.

Our goal is 18 or less in our K-2 classes and 22 or less in grades 3-6. We will have classrooms teacher assistants as well to provide support.

We are a public school and as such are similar in a lot of respects. We report to Brevard Public Schools on all financial and academic aspects. We are different in that we have autonomy in management and instructional delivery . We are governed by our own board of directors and can build our learning environment to meet the needs of our particular students. We can offer creative approaches to teaching and learning.

We expect to have Legacy become a warm, inviting educational option for our families in North Brevard

We will set up individual appointments during the first three days of school so that our Kindergarten teachers can assess every incoming student. This is an excellent way for our cubs to get acclimated to the school setting in a very personal one on one time with their teacher. The testing is used to help us in planning to meet your child’s needs.

We suggest appropriately sized backpacks. The smaller the child the smaller the backpack. We also do not anticipate that the children will be carrying a large amount of textbooks at any time so wheeled backpacks are not allowed.

We strongly suggest tennis shoes or closed toe shoes for the safety of our students. Our student handbook will provide more specifics

We will seek out nurse volunteers to provide services and when the school grows we will be able to hire a permanent health support person. A qualified staff person will be present for any needs that arise.